Short history

Always we have worked with the ideals of providing quality and innovative products at affordable prices for the customer. Focusing on the needs market and care to make the consumer's life healthier.
Our vision is continuous expansion, continuously of this ADA Group has started its activity as a company for distribution of high quality products with a wide range of brands, with the aim to offer customers innovative and quality products.



Latest news


Sweet moments of life! The Aldiva brand is produced in Modern Chocolate facilities, which was invested by Tayyar Investment in the food sector in 2015 with an annual capacity of 140,000 tons and 30 years of sectoral experience. There are more than 300 products in its portfolio in 7 main categories consisting of biscuits, chocolates, cakes, crackers, bone chocolates, waffles and cream chocolates. Tayyar Investment was kerlker's investment partner between 1999-2014 in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Istanbul and Karaman. Tayyar Investment sold its stake in these investments and established the Modern Chocolate factory in 2014 to continue in the same sector. Authorized distributor for Kosovo: Ada Group Sh.P.K

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Sleepy is one of the most popular brands of the company Eruslu Sağlık, in the sector of baby care products. Sleepy diapers offer unique softness and a noticeable dryness, which make babies feel comfortable throughout the day. Sleepy diapers and other hygiene products come to the Kosovo market, with high quality and affordable prices. Authorized distributor for Kosovo: Ada Group Sh.P.K.

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My Home Kitchen

We are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of traditional salt food on the market from Macedonian recipes. Our collection made from Pumpkin Pickle with Walnuts and Grapes, Jam from Pears and Apples, Wild Blueberry Pickle, Plum Jam, Lutenica, Ajvar and many others tradicional recets . Enjoying our products will mean that they taste a part of the unik beauty of our country, all the recipes are prepared in a traditional way, and by hand ( hand made). Authorized distributor for Kosovo: Ada Group Sh.P.K

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